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a cute couple that draws together
we are so kozyndan!
by tomas November 06, 2003
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Proceding straight to anal sex with a member of the opposite sex without partaking in any of the following three: handjobs, blowjobs or just plain old, in and out, run of the mill, reproductive sex. Excludes the use of hookers. A very difficult operation to undergo.
Oh, that girl at the club, yeh I performed a triple bypass on her.
by Tomas October 05, 2005
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The Ultimate human being. Destined to be the richest man in the world. Is not black or white but is red all over. His skin is as red as his eyebrows and his eyebrows are as red as Reddog's valentine which red "you are a red as a rose". A genius whose many talents are not recognised in today's society.
"hey reddog did u get laid friday night" "Nah mann, but I kissed her foot"
"Reddog you look pretty damn hot" "a ba derr, i just had PE"
by Tomas March 07, 2004
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a fucking dumb ass girl who is stupid as hell: had no common sense
Breana Rehak is a fucking bimboo
by tomas January 23, 2004
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(n)1. One who relies soley on Microsoft products and services.
2. A microsoft user who has not downloaded relevant security patches, thus making them an easy target for viri and the like.
Laird is a microsoftie. He's gotten five viruses in hte last month because he ignores the security patches.
by Tomas September 13, 2004
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1.(n) Someone who is the opposite of pwn.
2.(n) A counterstrike (or similar game) player who exhibits poor skills
3. Often heard in counterstrike and similar games, usually said by sad, skilless n00bs.
Laird is teh nonpwn. He's died 20 rounds in a row.
by Tomas September 11, 2004
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Hottie = hot girl speeled so Brazillians can pronounce it correctly. Common among Brazillian Jiu Jitsu practitioners and no holds barred fighting fans.
Not only can she fight but she's a rottie
by Tomas February 04, 2005
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