A learning disability or processing disorder which causes a person to not be able to recognize words that are misspelled as easily as a person who does not have it. Also people with dyslexia commonly have difficulty reading changing words around and adding them in where they aren’t. People with dyslexia are by no means stupid, in fact sometimes they are much smarter or more creative since a different part of their brain is more developed than the part that deals with language. People recently have started using dyslexia as an insult or otherwise just to justify things they've done backwards or words they’ve misspelled, but it is an actual disorder that many people have.
I was diagnosed with dyslexia in second grade when my teachers noticed my odd reading habits and inability to recognize the difference between the letters b and d when I spelled things.

We knew to test my brother for dyslexia in pre-k when he spelled his name completely backwards, nhoj, on a homework assignment.
by Hart May 7, 2005
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Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty that primarily affects language. There are many different kinds of dyslexia: visual dyslexics have difficulty reading words or writing letters the correct way round (they may mistake 'b' for 'd', for example) whereas people with auditory dyslexia have trouble processing sounds and getting phonemes in the correct sequence when they try to write things down. Other difficulties associated with dyslexia include short-term memory problems, a weak attention span, and poor organisational skills.

Dyslexia is not a synonym for stupidity, as most dyslexics have high IQ scores. It is also not a made-up 'excuse', as MRI scans of dyslexic people have found that their brains are shaped differently to those of most people, with the language area in the right hemisphere being the same size as the language area in the left. (In people without dyslexia, the left language processing area is much larger than the one in the right hemisphere.)

Dyslexic people are often particularly gifted in art, music, sport, drama, or anything involving visual creativity. Some are also talented authors - the awardwinning poet Benjamin Zephaniah is dyslexic.
Examples of famous dyslexic people include Steve Redgrave, the Olympic athlete; Whoopi Goldberg, the Oscar-winning actress; and Albert Einstein, the genius who developed the Theory of Relativity. (People who say that 'dyslexia = stupid' are usually completely unaware that Einstein had the condition.)
by parnassus February 22, 2006
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An excuse used by people of various careers to rationalize their failures or shortcomings. This term came into existence during the “Soccer Mom” generations, as American mothers were scrambling for a reason as to why their children were so stupid.
That fellow isn’t dyslexic; he’s just an idiot.
by Verges November 26, 2003
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Someone who can't spell right and is a complete idiot.
by craxymaxy October 19, 2005
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