People who die a lot on a video game that can’t get kills
There all a lot of diers on cod
by Scrubs February 26, 2018
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To drink until one can drink no longer
I went to the bar last night and got diered off my ass
by bigdaddyd August 10, 2006
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Someone who is killed often, especially in video-games.
Bob- "I'm a sore Dier in CoD"

Mike -"Yeah, I hate being a Dier in Minecraft"
by A Sore Dier April 24, 2011
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French slang for sketchy or shifty. One not to be trusted.
Que l'homme bien doté était dier
by hotpants mcfly February 5, 2010
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a phrase used by no-one. This epic definition describes when something is so dier its actually dick. for the record i used it once.
*playing footy*
conor: shoots just above the crossbar in the corner of the goal so it doesn't go in
kallum: jeez that shot was dick dier


lewis: Tottenham's defense is so bad its dick dier. *proceeds to chuckle by himself*
by muph October 11, 2021
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You played like Eric Dier
by Dier is wank February 24, 2020
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