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to fart on the microphone whilst playing brawlhalla on selected consoles
lewis pumped on mic but it might of been max
by muph August 4, 2021
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Creaming the pasty is when you commence an action that your anal hole obtrudes solid excretory product, evacuated from the bowels. Then the dark steaming night soil lacerates the bowl, then the reservoir douses the droppings in liquid prevailing the night soil to be liquified in a rancid bath of micturate and diddly squat.
*in History class*
teacher: you should be revising even when while creaming the pasty
by muph October 12, 2021
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Used to describe the middle of a sports ground such as football, basketball, rocket league etc. The main purpose of this must needed word is the fact its a shortened version of the word middle. I do not like the word middle.
*playing footy*

kallum- *running down the wing with the ball*
conor- *exclaiming and out of breath* MIDST!

kallum- *makes a lovely pass to the center of the pitch*
conor- *shoots, misses*
conor- at least it was a good midst tho
kallum- ye i guess
by muph July 19, 2022
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half way between a muppet and a mug
The Lads:
look at chilman starting on that foreign guy what a mugget
by muph October 14, 2021
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a phrase used by no-one. This epic definition describes when something is so dier its actually dick. for the record i used it once.
*playing footy*
conor: shoots just above the crossbar in the corner of the goal so it doesn't go in
kallum: jeez that shot was dick dier


lewis: Tottenham's defense is so bad its dick dier. *proceeds to chuckle by himself*
by muph October 11, 2021
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conor: woah where did josh go
kallum: he withered away

withering away
by muph August 4, 2021
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a more emphasized way of saying nothing like there is bollock nout at all.


a way of describing something you really haven't done, like really haven't.
kallum 1: you got anything on you
conor 2: nah bollock nout
by muph September 3, 2021
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