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god of the world. it has a huge penis and causes pain missery where ever it goes.
superman and kallum
by kallum788889 February 04, 2009
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Kallum: A God amongst men, like's to hide his feelings around his friends. He can cause pain and misery to anyone that gets in his way. His love life is a secret but if you were to ask any of the women he went out with they would say he's amazing.
I saw "Kallum" the other day and I thought to myself how is his love life going
by Ben_Joe564 December 01, 2012
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kallum.A kallum is a fat person with an incredible small penis.He will try to go for a girl but they will only date him out of pity.
by A random swede October 31, 2019
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Kallum is a huge person with a large penis. He has pickup lines for dayz and always plays it smooth but has anxiety and depression. A kallum is the equivalent to the god particle and knows a lot about science theories and shit
Kallum is a great boy
by Kallum Boi October 10, 2019
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