Dude, that chick's a skank, she was totally the crossbar for Ted and Dan.
by GrandmasterAss July 19, 2010
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when making love to a woman of a slighter build, it can be felt that the normal padding a woman has around her vagina is not present. In fact, in the case of very slight women one can feel a bone perdendicular to the penis that creates some discomfort known as the 'crossbar'. Stroking the Crossbar is simply having sex with a woman with a bony vagina.
Stephen had enjoyed his sex the night before but was feeling a little damaged from "Stroking the Crossbar".
by Big Ben Boy August 4, 2010
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Slang for jail.
Jimmy got caught shoplifting, so he spent the weekend at the crossbar hotel.
by Dungeon Lord November 23, 2016
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you have to strike the ball from the halfway line onto the crossbar
dude:Hey lads wanna try the crossbar challenge
other dude:nah m8 weve got a match
by hdfj April 30, 2006
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The world’s greatest Richardson-based pickup soccer bar in Richardson. A dope spot where baller chicks and skill bros hang out and score top bin bangers all night during pickup, league play, and cash tourneys. Probably the best pickup soccer spot in the northern hemisphere. May be the birthplace of soccer.

Appearances by Jesus Ferreira, Lee Nguyen, Sarah Fuller, and Carlos the baby maker. Recipients of phone calls and DMs by Messi and Neymar. Famous for Wild Wednesdays and Freaky Fridays.
I live next door to Foro, but I prefer to play at Crossbar.
by notcrossbar November 24, 2021
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