DDDD:- Double Dealing Deadly Dad, usually a fast thinking Dad who can create and activate a new, different, cheerfully cheaper deal which nearly always works faster better and longer than conventional operations.
I know that fast moving limo keeps grinding to a halt, we'll have to bring in a DDDD, I think there's a couple or more down that nightclub, let's go in tonight and lure one out!
by 1STFABARM May 04, 2019
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Basically if she has daddy issues (not just a dead dad), don't dick her.
she's nuts
Oh hey anon, I wanna fuck femanon.
Yeah bro she's a DDDD tho I wouldn't if i were you
by Notpso May 27, 2019
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Don't Do Drugs December is a stupid challenge no soul can do because the world is fucked.
John: Have you failed "DDDD"
Trent: Damn right I have! I put cocaine on a mans penis then snorted it.
by .-.Allison.-. November 26, 2019
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super big smiley face!!
like this: :D but more smiley.
guy: youre really pretty!
girl: thanks! :DDDD
by ilovemgmt October 20, 2009
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