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The act of making the vagina moisten, usually by entering with your tongue or penis.
I heard that girl likes it when dudes activate her pussy.
by commander b3 July 15, 2009
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The behavior of ABG hunters when they have unlocked their full potential
Did Jon have to sleep in Ktown Ralph’s parking last night? Yeah, he activated too hard.
by Mr. S October 04, 2019
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To begin the smoking of marijuana. Often said when someone holds up the lighter in a closed fist towards you.
by high rolla' July 03, 2010
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The initiation of Sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite sex. but can be used when making reference to some forms of foreplay such as Oral sex.
Boy 1 - 'I saw you leave the club with Lucy, did you activate?'
Boy 2 - 'Nah man she was on her reds'
by Hood Houdini November 27, 2018
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