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SHANGRILAVILLE:- That VILLE is the sort of small area concept which contains beautiful, intelligent people who l o v e making - love day and night - especially in big towns like London.
Well, as far as I'm concerned this meeting is over, I'm off to SHANGRILAVILLE for some fun, see you next month.
by 1STFABARM May 5, 2019
M29E:- March 29 "eurodeal" - the froggies have "fixed us" for that. NOW we can get down to business, and get I N T O business with people like the Canadians - (even the French Canadians) - catch my drift? FABARM has spoken.
M29E - it's an infamous day - (not to mention the night's) - as far as I can tell, we're not JUST in "NONEUROMODE" we'll get on with "NONFRANCOWORK" - FABARM HAS SPOKE!
by 1STFABARM May 27, 2019
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A Mk2Mind - (M2M) - even if severely damaged, can still function - particularly with creative new concepts.
I know that officer had a wounded brain - but - he still comes up with good ideas, M2M or original, he produces!
by 1STFABARM April 26, 2019
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INFAMEE:- Is a new description of a person who suffers INFAMEE from a foe, or more than a single person who submits it to a person or persons who had no idea that the INFAMEE would be delivered - in so MANY different ways.
I've just flown back from Hong-Kong Miss Monypenny, our agent suffered LOADS of trouble, AND INFAMEE, from our foreign foes - A L L is now "INFAMEEFREE!".
by 1STFABARM April 28, 2019
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HITLOID is the character of a person, or persons, who begin to develop a ruthless and illogical character which more people shockingly begin to acquire.
The trouble is, over the years, they've become more and more HITLOID - you just can't trust anyone of them.
by 1STFABARM March 29, 2019
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HOMATER:- Is a bisexual teacher who enjoys caning young boys on their naiked bottoms, and, watch them in their communal shower after sport day - he just "janners" for it.
You'd better get that homework done, or, the geography teacher will get you into his room on the 9th floor and cane your naiked bottom at 1630 hrs when the boarders are having tea - he is a HOMATER!
by 1STFABARM April 23, 2019
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FREEBRIT:- A FREEBRIT is a loyal UK person who has got pissed off in giving the EU even more of the more and more we've already given them. Anyway, the French can handle their own riots, even while the police are "GITANing" away on the corner together.
To FREEBRIT or not FREEBRIT - that's N E V E R a question - (we like our 9 billion £).
by 1STFABARM May 2, 2019
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