Dime By Comparison - A girl, who under normal circumstances, would be classified as ugly; but due to uglier girls in the surrounding area, she is promoted to a DBC (dime by comparison).

Typically occurs at a lot of work places or school.
Kyle: Man the new girl is sooo ugly

Rick: No way Brose, there are so many uglier girls here. She is definitely a DBC .

Kyle: Definitely!
by OPrettyRicky August 11, 2010
Acronym meaning "Death By Cop". A suicide where the individual killing their self does so by baiting a police officer to apply fatal force in response to an individual's provocation.
Tom always wanted to go out DBC, it's embarrassing it was by auto-erotic asphyxiation.
by yayside_high May 27, 2018
Acronym that stands for Don't Be Carin'
Friend: Hey man, whats the square root of 36?
You: DBC, brah!
by Marteeeen May 19, 2011
An acronym for Dick Bed Chris.

First initially began in Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia, DBC is a graffiti tag that will soon take over the world. Even though the name Chris has been incorporated into the acronym, it has nothing to do with anyone named Chris.

"Hey that store just got DBC'd!"

by DrKok March 20, 2008
An acronym for "Don't Be Cunty."

1. A statement used to express ones frustration with a person place or thing.

2. A term used to describe your friends actions when he or she is acting like a pussy.
"Don't be cunty sky, it better not rain today."

"Don't be cunty dog...sit!"

Dave: "Hey, I was thinking of getting Lisa flowers for our two week anniversary."

Steve: "Don't be cunty man...seriously, DBC."

Boyfriend: "Baby, don't you think that skirt is too short?"

Girlfriend: "DON'T BE CUNTY!!!"
by Dweezy and Pooch August 4, 2011
=DBC= stands for Dumb Blonde Crew
Don't be mistaken, they are not that dumb, just one of the most awesome, amazing, stunning, beautiful crews to grace the earth. They have fun, and people know them - they are a big deal!
Not just a crew....
A way of life!
by AshErin September 4, 2006
"Damn, Im hungry and i only got $3"
"Lets just go down to McDonalds and pick up a few dbc's.
by StaBCo December 20, 2007