A way of life is the ultimate feeling of when a sport or event is no longer competitive and is like breathing and the joy of being able to do that sport or event becomes like your ability to live like breathing. A way of life is a phrase only reserved by the most extreme athletes who are able to push themselves past the feeling of fearing ones own death or injury and can block all other feelings out. Its no longer a sport or event, and it no longer requires skill.
A athlete who has no care for ones own life to do something that he loves has chosen a way of life.

Someone who can push there limits without thanking about it such as breathing comes to a person they have chosen a way of life.
by Hellfire24 February 1, 2010
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Stephen’s way of life is...
•agree with nothing Daniel says
•only agree with Hosuh and Jay
•Be a psychopath and murder everything and everyone
•make slight flirts toward Hosuh and let no one else flirt with Hosuh
•win at everything.
Hey imma do Stephen’s way of life.
by OddGhostyBoo! November 4, 2019
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A phrase that when used to describe any activity (especially a lame one), makes that activity seem extremely lame, if not totally gay.
"Doing yoga isnt just a way of burning fat, its a way of life."

"Not eating animals isnt just a way of 'saving animal's lives', its a way of life."


(verb)ing (activity) isnt just (obvious result of doing the activity), its a way of life.
by Cockknuckle May 14, 2007
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A song by Lil Uzi Vert containing many conspiracies, centered around mind reading. The Way Life Goes is believed to be different for every listener, which gives an emotional attachment to everyone that listens to the song, increasing its popularity.
Kareem : Hey Trav, have you heard that Uzi song, The Way Life Goes

Travis: no, I don't wanna cry at night
by Killatrav January 8, 2018
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