She is a beautiful, stunning girl. When you meet her the first thing you notice is her kind heart. She will usually have striking dark hair and eyes. She will easily be one of the most beautiful girls you’ll ever meet, inside and out. You will think she is really shy if you dont know the real her, but if you become close friends with her, then you get to see how amazing she is. Her eyes sparkle when she talks about things she loves. She is kind to everyone, even if they don’t deserve it. She will never judge you, and will always be supportive. She is REALLY TALKATIVE AND LOUD. You may not think of it at first, but if you befriend an Isa, get ready for an adventure. She is somwone you wll always remember
"Oh, Isa. She is really pretty but shy.”

“No, she is actually really talkative once you become friends with her, believe me.”
by James_1123 March 24, 2018
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Islamic name for the holy prophet Jesus.
The Messiah, Isa ibn Maryam (Jesus son of Mary) will return on the day of Judgment.
by Dawah101 May 13, 2020
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Literally the best human alive no more explanation, seriously BEST HUMAN ALIVE
Kody: Isa is amazing

Everyone: We know 🥵🥵
by Kody is SWAG April 2, 2021
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Only the best person in the world. If your friends with a Isa your really lucky.
Boy: I’m looking for a gf

Me: date Isa
by xoxo gi August 18, 2019
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Isa is probably the best person you will ever meet in the entire world. She is absolutely Hilarious and will always be there for you. Weather you need to rant about something on your chest or just need a shoulder to cry on she will be there for you. Isa is absolutely STUNNING! She is turning heads every time she walks by. She has gorgeous curly hair and beautiful eyes that will easily grab your attention. She also looks amazing in purple. Isa is super smart but doesn’t really like to show is. She is kind and will stay your friend forever. She might seem a little reserved at first but once you get to know her she is an absolute goofball, you will end up spending the whole day making dirty jokes with her. She is the best person ever and you would be luck to call her you friend. All in All she is an absolute fucknut!
Oh my best friend is Isa”
by Ur mom3000 October 29, 2019
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Isa is a handsome lad that would fight for anyone and would get in trouble for anyone
He is a girls dream and has dark brown hair and also has nice eyes
Lots of people love him
If you get on an Isa's bad side you would probably run
How Girls See Isa :"He's so sexy"
by JBDHD July 16, 2017
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Isa is a person who can be eaither really dirty minded or really innocent . Usually love great food like burgers or spaghetti. Also loves the light and sun is mostly athletic but not in all situations. Isa can either get many guys or barely none. Either social or not so social. Mostly FUNNY and great with inside jokes.
Isa:(says an inside joke) remember that ?

Freind: yeah that was halarious
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