Sean, attempting to imply that he would hangout with his guy friends over a girl he liked, stated that he followed DBC.
by bbobness April 3, 2015
A Desk-Bound cnut. An office worker who dosses around and gets out of doing as much work as possible by posting to the interweb.
Stop looking at pr0n and get back to your mindless graft, you lazy tosspiece of a DBC.
by TV Spunk January 30, 2003
Direct ball contact. No meat shield, just balls. It's painful
*dude gets nailed in the balls*
Other dude: Yeah, that looked like some intense DBC, man
by Wonderrrrr May 22, 2008
DRUNKEN BOYS CLUB. A quite pathetic and basicly sad union between fellow punjabi's of the male sex. Members enjoy to session and act like complete prats.
can someone please get DBC out of here please?
by Angel February 27, 2005
Douche Bag Council
Prepare to be judged apon!
The DBC kicks the G-Lax's stupid asses.
The DBC fight stupid people, and pass judgement on... Stupid people.
by Country January 21, 2007