A term, created for the Dungeons & Dragons game, that describes the player who fulfills two important functions during a roleplaying game: referee and storyteller.

As the rules for Dungeons & Dragons are vast and complex, it's the job of the Dungeon Master to facilitate gameplay and to determine the outcome of contested events by deciding how to interpret a given rule or dice roll.

It's also the job of a Dungeon Master to provide the setting for the players' fictional characters, create goals for the characters to accomplish, and to fill any supporting roles needed for the adventure (kings, princes, dragons, innkeepers, barmaids, villains, etc.).

The ultimate goal of a Dungeon Master is provide a fun and satisfying challenge for the players to overcome, through acting, exploration, puzzle-solving, and scenario-based decision-making.
Girl "I'm shooting! Bang! Bang! I got you!"

Boy "No you didn't! What's the DM say?"

Dungeon Master "The first shot went wide, but the second shot grazed your shoulder, causing a stinging wound."

Boy "I'm returning fire! Bang! Bang!"

Dungeon Master "With your wounded shoulder, you're having a difficult time focusing on your target, and each round fired causes pain to shoot through your arm. Both shots miss."

Girl "I'm taking cover behind this barrel and shooting again! Bang! Bang!"

Dungeon Master "The barrel provides excellent cover, and your aim is true. Both shots strike the leg. He's not going to be able to move particularly fast."

Girl "Yay!"

Boy "Darn! Wait! I notice that the barrel she's hiding behind says 'flammable!' "

Girl "Flammable? What's that mean?"

Dungeon Master "Indeed, the barrel is labeled as flammable. What do you do?"

Boy "I use the last of my energy to shoot the barrel she's hiding behind!"

Dungeon Master "Oh, my. Are you sure?"

Boy "Yes! Bang! Bang!"

Dungeon Master "Well, then..."
by dither July 19, 2008
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The BDSM equivalent of a Road Chief: someone who observes at a play party or scene in order to monitor it, and step in if things get out of hand. Having a Dungeon Master or Play master is way of ensure that things Safe, Sane, and Consensual, especially in large groups.

Note that this may or may not overlap with two other meanings in that community (someone who is Dom over several others in a bigger scene, or someone who runs a Dungeon or play party). Also, some more nerdy Kink-folk know about the Tabletop RPG meaning and/or video game, so jokes about those do sometimes come up.
The Dungeon Master saw that the gagged sub was bleeding profusely and seemed to be dazed, so she called out the Safe Word. Unfortunately, the Dom didn't listen and she needed to get some of the others to force him away from the sub.
by Schol-R-LEA July 22, 2017
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A term used in BDSM for a singular male or female who rules over a group of at least three other individuals at the same time. The persons role is similar to that of a dominatrix but with multiple subjects or "Dungeonee's"
"Hey man, you wanna hang out tonight?"
"No way, if i skip out on my dungeon master again she'll pour wax into my ass."

"Did you catch the game last night?"
"nah bro-man, i was to busy being a dungeon master"
by MrAmazing64 September 1, 2011
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Also known as the DM, the Dungeon master is the one man/woman who comands the entire universe of a Dungeons and Dragons campain. They set out all the interactions and what-not that that the Players experiance. All NPCs and monsters and even the gods of the world, are all under the comand of the mighty DM. The only thing not under the control, and incidentaly what mainly makes D&D what it is, are the dice. Lady luck plays her hand on every roll of those hallowed shapes, though there is still rule 0, which alows for the DM to change any rule held in the books at any time. Though nobody plays with people who are like that, they always get shunned back into their closets if they atempt to "play god" and make the Player's lives a living hell. After all, the whole point of the DM is to make the players have fun and get togeather, rather than sit at home and play on the computer all day.
I saw a realy good episode of "Dexter's lab" where Dexter was a horrable, death-dealing Dungeon Master, but Deedee came and saved the day with her feespirit gameplay.
by Nogohoho October 17, 2003
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jim: We were plowing through the goblins, so the dungeon master gave us 12 red dragons, an insanely complex trap that not even jesus could disable, and a blighted rat.

chris: Now if he would only put that much effort into his social life.
by ThroatSlit March 14, 2006
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While eating a girl out and simultaneously jacking off, you chomp down on her vag, come on her face and yell "I am the DUNGEON MASTER" then run out the room.
"Yo bro, did you finally fuck that girl or just Dungeon Master all over her face?"

"Dude, I fucked my ex last night."
"Yeah, the weird thing was it was after I Dungeon Mastered her."
"I know brah... I was there"
by Tits McNippleton February 4, 2010
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When you make the sounds of a dragon then light your virgin partner on fire and extinguish it with your sperm. Breathing smoke into your partner's ass is encouraged..see pink sock

Singed hair from the abraham lincoln can be saved for extra effects
While dungeon mastering my friend's girlfriend, things got outta hand and next thing I knew, my apartment was burned to the ground..and I was still naked
by C3 Unicorns December 5, 2006
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