Haley is the name of a girl (or a boy if your parents rolled that way) that is down to earth and wants to make others smile. Someone with the name Haley knows self sacrifice, heartbreak, and a longing to be near the people who matter most. Although their are some down sides, because the name haley means down to dart that means people will take advantage of your friendship, so be careful; someone you thought was your BFFL could be your next enemy. Someone with the name Haley is extremely nice, considerate, and of course sexy. A Haley might even be stubborn and strong willed, also a animal lover!
DAMN! That girls name must be Haley with that ass.
Haley is the Sweetest girl in the class room.
by TheDayDreamer December 15, 2014
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a sweet, kind girl that will always care for you . but she has a darkside only if she chooses to show it . she is beautiful and amazing and will never say anything about you behind your back . she may look mean at first but once you get to know her she is the sweetest thing ever and you wont want her to leave your life . she is like the other half to you . and you cant forget she has bomb style !
that girl is so pretty, she must be a Haley.
by breezy<3 June 26, 2011
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Haley is one of the nicest people you will ever hope to meet, shes beautiful and is always there for you. Oh, and if you bring her a monster, she'll be very thankful haha. She's the craziest girl in the world only when she wants to be and is otherwise shy. She's soo funny and im glad shes in my life! All in all, youll never meet a girl like her.

Love ya haley!
boy 1: hey boy 2, whos your best friend?

boy 2: that has to be haley

boy 1: wow thanks
by i dont know what to write September 13, 2011
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A strange child; usually known for her extreme humor or making people laugh. A beautiful person in a new way that no one has seen before; very pretty eyes. Fantastic lover, but lacking in one of her "woman necessites". Can't stay focused for a long period of time. Usually has a variety of really weird laughs. Great at sports, and very athletic. Tends to name inanimate objects by weird names. A man's dream!
noun: Haley is quite the person.
adjective: She was acting so Haley cool I couldn't stand it.
by haleythebatman April 12, 2011
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Haley's are the most incredible girls. Sometimes, they can be misunderstood, or they will smile through the pain. But don't ever let her go when you catch her, because she is loving, and will forever be there for you. She is smart, caring, loving, and beautiful. Beautiful in so many ways. She can talk so much that she doesn't realize it. She can make you smile and love her without even realizing it. She turns heads in the hallways and everyone enjoys her positive energy. Everyone takes her for granted but that doesn't stop her. She knows everyone and is always happy to be around people. Her friends are amazing, and care for her. Here's a little tip to help you, never, under any circumstance, break her heart.
Person 1: Omg! There is Haley. Ugh, she is so perfect.
Person 2: Have you talked to her yet? She is so nice.
by starbabe45 March 24, 2019
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Haley is a girl’s name. She is great in every subject except ELA. She is usually short with any type of blonde hair with dark blue eyes sometimes they change colors like green, light blue, or even grey. If you find a Haley. Keep her. She is awkward and crazy but she is proud of being unique. She don’t care about what you think of her. And if you piss her off she WILL retaliate. She is soooo smart and beautiful but she thinks she is really ugly. She is the most kindest person you could ever come across. Some Haley’s don’t have a dad so she is more of a feminist and is scared of getting her heartbroken so she has a high wall built for any male that comes across her but she will let her guard down for some people. Some Haley’s have acne problems and their self esteem drops. Please if you are friends with a Haley contact them and please try to help them feel better.
Guy-Look at that Haley she is so beautiful.
Girl-I know she is stunning but she don’t feel that way about herself
Guy- I’m going to go talk to her.
Guy- She ignored me.
Girl- I forgot to tell you she is afraid to get heartbroken she might like you.
by Grace Nicole June 14, 2018
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A “Haley” is a woman of exceptional beauty, both inside and out. She is a tall drink of water, perched on endless legs with a supermodel body and hot, Eurochick looks. Sharp-featured and sharp-witted. A remarkable combination of angles and curves that pleases the eye in the same way that the infamous Golden Mean excites and calms. Exercise caution in her presence: The oceans of her blue eyes have sucked down better men than you. Her pale skin is smooth as alabaster, milky-white in its unsullied condition, muscles giving shape and form throughout. Her blonde hair drifts in light breezes and rewards anyone lucky enough to touch it with a laquer paintbrush richness and depth. In her hands and feet reside the magic of graceful movement, granted by lovely structure and length. Most astonishing though, is her loving spirit that sends out its own radar and bounces back to her, magnified and informative. Her soul is on free flight. Her love is powerful and unafraid. She will change your perception of yourself and everything around you. She is not for the feint of heart. Heaven forbid she ever smiles at you; once bitten, forever smitten. And should you delight in the sound of her laughter, you’d do well to remember the Sirens of ancient Greece who called many a man to shipwreck.
If you ever love a haley–and are loved back by one–consider yourself the luckiest person in the universe.
by lucagelfi November 12, 2010
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