A public group of friends on Facebook that give each other a hand from time to time.
I met my girlfriend on Handbook.
by pubesforpetrolem June 18, 2010
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A collection of sexually stimulating items that are used, and often needed, to arouse to enable one to Fap aka jack off. The Gentleman's Handbook applies to all collections of arousing materials including collections of fap material or thoughts and visual images located in one's spank bank.
Finding himself alone and his room mates gone, Roger opened up his Gentlemen's Handbook and riotously viewed his collection of porn and envision the MILF next door as he vigorously fapped himself until his balls were dry, gak towel was soaked and he no longer suffered from an engorged, Leaded Pencil
by Eaton Holgoode January 15, 2015
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The act of doing everything according to how social traditions and formal expectations dictate you should, usually for social acceptance by an individual or a group. One's ability to perform this act does not necessarily make them what they want to be.
Tessa: Wow! Max brought Niki flowers on the first date, opened all the doors, paid for dinner, bought expensive champagne, and walked her to her front door. What a great guy!
Andrew: Okay, he read the handbook, but so what? Is he actually an interesting guy?

Max: Yeah, I thought Niki was pretty cool. She seemed to know a lot about indie bands and films and ordered a chai latte at the coffeeshop. Then I slowly realized she was quoting Pitchfork with every other breath.
Tessa: Handbook-reader?
Max: Aye.
by p-teK April 6, 2008
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An unwritten book about laws that males must abide by.
1. Don't date your bestfriend's ex.
2. Don't backstab your bestfriend.
3. Bros before hoes.
4. Talk about girl's tits and twats a lot so you don't look gay.
5. Never joke about a guy's sister or mom.
6. Ball tap someone back for revenge.
And so on...
Greg went against the male handbook. He is dating Katelyn even though his bestfriend Andrew broke up with her in the Spring.
by quest?onmyidentity September 9, 2007
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Ancient Handbook revealing the ways of Ninja's throughout past centuries. Detailing moves and remedies of ancient days, the Handbook is often used as a guide for Ninjas in training. Although the Handbook is considered by some to be a myth, because of a terrible Asian's mistake, 2 white people have learned of its existence. Naturally this sparked interest in the index.
How does Bruce Lee do all those wicked awesome flips and kicks? He must have learned them from his Ninja Handbook.
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Basically the Terms of Service for a school or university. Just like the regular terms, nobody obviously reads it but they still break a few of its rules.
Before you attend your first year here, you better read our school handbook!
by The Real Driller October 8, 2020
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A book written by Lisa Birnbach in 1980 as a tongue-in-cheek guide to preppies. Currently out of print, it details the preppy lifestyle "from toddler to Alumni Fund Raiser". It contains "the look, the pose, the proper accessories. What to wear at What Age. Lilly, Lacoste, and L.L. Bean." Anyone who believes that preppies are those who wear American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, and the like should consult this book to understand what a prep really is. And this book isn't dated considering preppies are classic and do not change their lifestyle as times go on. A highly reliable guide to preps.
"The Official Preppy Handbook" is the guide to becoming a true prep.
by J. Su August 11, 2006
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