1. Referring to the Czech language
2. Coming from or having ancestry that is from the Czech Republic (former Czechloslovakia)
I am 1/2 Czech, so that makes me 1/2 awesome.
by BJE059 October 12, 2004
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- Czech Republic, a country of beer.Located in the middle/east middle :) Europe. Plenty of cuties, twice as much alcoholics.(It is some kind of national sport)

- also known as Czechia or ex Czechoslovakia.
hmm .............. beer.
by mistr Fu December 31, 2005
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Fearless Legendary Centre Back/Getaway Driver

Also used as an adjective to describe someone who brings hours of fun to other people. Taken from the legendary Czech stories of of the West Midlands. "Czech" would risk limbs and his own transport to bring fun to his pals, and would very rarely back out of a challenge set to him if it involved risk filled driving.
Yooo Duuude, He's soooo Czech
by yoooooooooooobluuuuuuud April 15, 2009
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If USA and Rusia Had Sex The child would call Czech
Yoo does Czech really exist.
Yes but it's wierd country
by AngryVirgin June 9, 2020
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An autistic boy with a monster cock.
I had a one night stand with a czech last night.

My boyfriend is such a Czech
by Hoe_bag June 24, 2018
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1. Of or relating to the European country known as the Czech Republic
2. Usually having something to do with beer and/or large amounts of sausage.
3. Anything that gets periodically invaded by Germany.
4. Having to do with the language which is a language that is mostly made up of consonants and phlegm.
5. Czech women are characterized by their size and overall hairiness.
Example one:
Czech woman: "Nìmecko , být pøíjemný zastavit pøepadnout náš kraj"
American man 1: "What did she say? Something about beer?"
American man 2: "I don't know, but she is large and I am scared."

Example 2:
Czech man: "Hladit lid pocínovat bìh do prdele ona"
Polish man: "I admit it, Polish people are an inferior race."
by Sammy N. March 27, 2008
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