Said to be the most stunningly gorgeous women a man can find, while having natural beauty on the outside, perhaps the stunning part comes from their personalities and hearts .
Damn! Did you hear about Jake? found himself a Czech women!
by a rag September 17, 2015
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A country where there are copious amounts of good quality girls, alcohol, and small sandwiches.
"Let's go the Czech Republic, I'm hungry, lonely, and in need of a drink."
by welikeshrimp December 09, 2007
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a kick ass time, where you do nothing but drink and eat, kind of like octoberfest, but celebrating Czech heritage
hey did you go to czech days last year
yea i did it was bad ass drank in the beer garden till i puked
by Jeff Koupal May 02, 2007
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chilly country inna heart o europe, formerly known as kingdom of bohemia, later as a part of czechoslovakia

mostly known as a travel paradise for terror-tourists from western europe who simply aim to liqourize their brains with one o the best beers on this planet: tha REAL Budweiser and one o the best liquors: Becherovka

also known as "check republic"
Let's go to czech republic coz I just checked our cigs are goin to end soon.

Czech republic is the heart of Europe.
by PanzerKeks March 03, 2007
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