A country where there are copious amounts of good quality girls, alcohol, and small sandwiches.
"Let's go the Czech Republic, I'm hungry, lonely, and in need of a drink."
by welikeshrimp December 9, 2007
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The country that has brilliant beer, is located in the heart of Europe and is next to Germany
I am from Prague, Czech Republic
by MeLikeFish September 26, 2020
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Is a country that I was Born in, it is surounded by Austria And Germany and Slovakia, they speek czech there and it is one of the most historical cities in europe (might i suggest going there for ther summer) Its fun if you want to go to a place were you can see historical sites or things and also at the same time go to clubs and just...well party pretty much =D
me: Hey, sup
Some guy: Hey is the Czech Republic a nice place?
me: oh ya...lots of old buildings...hotels...beer
some guy: say what?
me: Beer....lots of it
me: have fun
some guy: YOU BET!!!
by D@nte April 19, 2006
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World's capital of beer, porn, prostitutes, foreign politics and stupid-ass people who think they are better than everyone. Also have smart scientists, great cars, talented athletes, amazing nature and beatiful historical cities. Capital is Prague, witch most of movie producers use for making movies. Have great relationship with China.

You shoud visit this country, just for fun...
Hey bro I'm going to Czech Republic this summer!
by Halli Boy March 29, 2016
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A country in Central Europe. Capital is Prague. Important site is the Charles Bridge rebuilt in the 1700's.
I recently went to the Czech Republic to visit my aunt.
by FizakaWhizz095 May 9, 2015
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