Something somebody says when they are thinking about what you have just said. They have an opinion.. but dont want to tell you what it is.
Person A: I believe in faeries
Person B: Hmm (secretly thinking.. Idiot).
by Rach June 8, 2003
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The universal interjection of a true philosophical and political thinker.
Guy 1: So what's your take on Obama's health care plan?
Guy 2: Hmm...

(five minutes later)

Guy 2: this guy's like, the President, right?
by Dude in Your Pants December 7, 2009
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an ancient language forgotten by most but not the minecraft villager.very similar to how the dovahkin is the only person who can learn all the words of power the minecraft villager is the only being that can learn and master all the hmm's
minecraft villager:hmmm
other minecraft villager:hmmmm

me:your looking sexy today

minecraft villager:hmmmm
by immortuoz May 18, 2020
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How to acknowledge someone when they've said something, and you didn't hear n/or care about what they said.
"I have a rash on my back."
by TenorBuddy May 11, 2004
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a word u use wen theres nothing else to say
hmm ..........................
by me December 9, 2003
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What one says on a computer or phone to make sure the other person is still there and will respond after a long pause in communication.
"Hmm ... ( Did my connection die again!? Are you there!? Answer! )
by Shaina Carmel Indovino April 22, 2003
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1)A noise made by cute female to make her male companion think of her hmming on his pleasure parts

2)A noise made by cute female when actually hmming on her male companion's pleasure parts
1)Her: Hmmmm
Him: Dammit girl you know what that makes me think of!

2)Hmmmm (she exclaims, her mouth being full and occupied at the moment)
by A.... December 20, 2004
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