A curator is Sig.
His vast knowledge of sneakers are all underlying beneath his mysterious demeanor, he is Sig, curator.
by Danny Lotion April 24, 2021
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To select a bunch of crap and to pretentiously make it seem like this selection took any real effort or is significant.
Farmer Joe carefully curates his selection of salted pig knuckles to suit your discriminating palate.
by PigKnuckle December 06, 2018
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Select, organize, and present content merchandise or information together, typically using professional or expert knowledge and commonly used for telling a collective story with an online presence.
Amy wanted to not just put up products on her site, she knew she needed help from an expert to create an online identity for all of her content, she wanted to curate not aggregate.
by webwomen August 04, 2016
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A legal principle, translating from the Latin as, "the law does not concern itself with blowjobs", based on the more well known phrase, "de minimis non curat lex", which means, "the law does not concern itself with trifles." The principle holds that blowjobs aren't really sex, and therefore laws regulating sex should not apply, or at least not as strictly, to blowjobs. Although the principle of "de fellationibus non curat lex" is often credited with former U.S. President Bill Clinton's victory against impeachment, it should be noted that the principle is not universally accepted, and persons who intend to participate, either as the insertive or the receptive partner, in blowjobs should familiarize themselves with the particular laws of their jurisdiction.
Defense counsel: Your Honor, my client clearly cannot be charged under this statue; after all, de fellationibus non curat lex.

Judge: This court has no choice but to side with the defense. Case dismissed!
by Atemperman May 21, 2006
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