The only reason establishments are able to properly function. The only reason the Breakfast Club is what it is. The only reason our world is a some-what sanitary place. My strange affection for custodians cannot be placed into words, as they are too SKILLED for human comprehension.
It was no coincidence that my best friend's and my lockers were smack dab between the custodians' lair...
by mags&jules October 22, 2006
stupid dumb uneducated fucks who clean buildings
My 5th grade Math teacher told me that the only thing I can amount to in my miserable life is becoming a custodian. Look where I am now. Cleaning the entire building from bottom to top.
by Lando Rando January 30, 2023
An insult you lay on somebody when they do or say something stupid.
You wiped your ass with Poison Ivy? What a custodian!!
by Bordizzle October 31, 2005
A person who is responsible of taking care or protecting something.
Yes, he is the custodian of this ship.
by Arcxxus February 6, 2022
A sex act - when a female is puking with both hands on the toilet, the male inserts his penis into the womans vagina and begins to pump her so hard that her head bobs in and out of the bowl
I walked into the crapper at Moe's Tavern and gave that scracco Jane a Calcutta Custodian
by jrky February 11, 2009
The act of cleaning one's own mess (especially concerning personal hygiene) made in a public place, such as cleaning your hair out of the community shower or wiping "sprinkle" off the toilet seat, simply out of courtesy for the rest of the general public who have to use the utility after you.
Sharon always courtesy custodians her toothpaste out of the sink when she's living in the dorms.

I went to use the bathroom the other day to find a pube on the seat; people really need to learn how to courtesy custodian.
by The offended January 14, 2008