1) (n) A hole placed in the side of a pipe or bong. A thumb is placed over it while taking a hit and released just before the use is done inhaling for the purpose of clearing the smoke from the chamber of the device.
2) (n) Abbreviation of carburetor, the part of a 4-stroke internal combustion engine for the purpose of mixing oxygen and petroleum (gasoline).
3) (n) Abbreviation of carbohydrate, a biological compound for the purpose of storing energy.
1) Clear the chamber, release the carb!
2) My carb is busted, I'll stop by the mechanic and get it fixed later.
3) That single french fry probably has 20 grams of carbs in it!
by Geist May 22, 2005
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One unit of concentrated evil. Each gram has over 250 grams of fat inside it. Removing them from your food, water, and air removes the necessity of exercise, and allows full consumption of saturated fat as long as it has no carbs.

Synonyms: food of the devil, concentrated evil, little bits of antichrist.

see carbohydrates
Do you have a non-carb section? I'm worried the sidestream carb inhalations will give me fat cancer.
by Daniel B. Munro December 3, 2005
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short for carberetor, see carberetor
dude, my carb kicks yo EFI's ass.

carbs are simpler, easier to tune and ALOT more reliable than EFI ever can be if well maintained
by 379 February 26, 2005
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1) short for carbohydrate
2) an person who is a complete idiot.
1) Want a bagel? No, I'm on a low carb diet, bitch.
2) Man, you're such a carb.
by Anonymous November 3, 2004
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The hole found on pipes and bongs, it allows you to clear the chamber that is found on these devices. You hold your finger over it while smoking the device, and let go when you want to clear it.
by Root January 9, 2003
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The act of eating a lot of carbohydrates. Usually performed during bulking season.
That's a lot of carbs bro!?
It's bulking season dude, I'm Carbing!

carbs bulking nom nom
by Dr. Loud December 8, 2015
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Those things in food that make you fat.
I can't have any carbs, they'll make me fat.
by ChrMicCar May 28, 2009
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