A term used to define the way one feels the morning after a night of smoking, eating, or by any means ingesting cannabis (Similar to what a hangover is for alcohol). Some symptoms of being "crusted" may include a dry mouth, pasty-feeling skin, slight dizziness, tiredness, and an overall feeling of lethargy and apathy.
Dude, I smoked a huge amount of weed last night! I was so crusted this morning, I couldn't get out of my bed for hours!
by Uh_Huh_Man May 28, 2010
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To get crusted is to get very high through the process of smoking Marijuana.
I am so crusted right now.
I am too crusted to move.
Would you like to get crusted tomorrow night?
by GThane August 18, 2010
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Any person/place/thing that is bejeweled; covered in gems/glitter/etc.

Derived from encrusted.
Damn! Your new bracelet is crusted. /or/ Sir, your grill is positively crusted! /or/ That Queen is crusted for the Gods.
by Eloraborealis January 22, 2023
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Same as owned, salted, pwned, etc.
- "I no scoped the shit of that noob on CoD..."
- "That dude got crusted"
by ShaD0wW June 15, 2010
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when someone does something so vile or ratchet that you feel your soul deteriorate
Ew, I can't believe she came to school with her hair like that; I'm crusting.
by stairwellsister May 19, 2018
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The most extremist version of punk. The music is always political and badass. Nearly all crust is anarchist or marxist-anarchist. Crust fashion, although almost an oxymoron is all black(derived from Crass's assosciation of black with anarchy) with sewn on patches of bands they listen to. The patches are black with white lettering and usually sewn on with dental floss.

Unlike other punks, crustys generally do not have the wacky colored hairstyles , instead their hair is usually natural colored, and fairly short, though most of them don't give 2 shits about it.

Crust music is loud fast and abrasive, all crust is anti-racist and all is anti-war, thus earnign crusty's the demeaning term of "hippie punks."
by Andrew Apocolypse January 18, 2005
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captain of crust, straight crust, general crust, hailin from legrange crust, short bus shoes crust, green berg crust, hasidic crust, Lord Of all Crust!!!
Hey old boy, u are CRUST!!!!!!
by ahhh yeah December 14, 2010
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