The most extremist version of punk. The music is always political and badass. Nearly all crust is anarchist or marxist-anarchist. Crust fashion, although almost an oxymoron is all black(derived from Crass's assosciation of black with anarchy) with sewn on patches of bands they listen to. The patches are black with white lettering and usually sewn on with dental floss.

Unlike other punks, crustys generally do not have the wacky colored hairstyles , instead their hair is usually natural colored, and fairly short, though most of them don't give 2 shits about it.

Crust music is loud fast and abrasive, all crust is anti-racist and all is anti-war, thus earnign crusty's the demeaning term of "hippie punks."
by Andrew Apocolypse January 18, 2005
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captain of crust, straight crust, general crust, hailin from legrange crust, short bus shoes crust, green berg crust, hasidic crust, Lord Of all Crust!!!
Hey old boy, u are CRUST!!!!!!
by ahhh yeah December 14, 2010
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Crust punk is the extreme evolution of hardcore punk. The genre might be considered hard to listen to and very abrasive, using elements of anarcho-punk and grindcore to create a unique sound that can either be fast and leaning to grindcore, or slow and mopey and/or melodic. It was originally called stenchcore. Although not the same genre, crust is closely related to d-beat, black metal, anarcho-punk, thrashcore and grindcore.

Lyrics to crust songs tend to be dark, and based around politics and current events and even some human emotion; topics such as nuclear destruction, environmentalism, racial equality, squatting/non-conformity, apocalypse, abolishing sexism, animal rights, veganism/vegetarianism, religious control, death (and/or escaping life) and anarchism are common. Crust is one of the darkest subgenres of punk, and also is one of the least recognizable as punk, in terms of sound. Elements of the crust sound can be heard in many Anarcho-punk bands, such as those signed to Profane Existence, Mortarhate Records, Havoc Records, & Life is Abuse Records.

Many consider the band Amebix to be the godfathers of crust punk, and consider the Arise! LP to be the first known defining crust punk album. The band Deviated Instinct, who actually coined the term "crust punk", was one of the first bands to play the genre as it commonly recognized today.

Listeners of crust punk music are often referred to as crusties
Amebix, Axegrinder and Nausea are crust bands.
by HP Morton February 26, 2006
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crustcoreThe punk equivalent of grindcore- insanely fast, loud with incredibly garbled vocals that sound like "ruh-ruh-ruh-raaarrwwggg" despite what the lyric sheet says. Almost always political, alomst always ass-kicking.
Doom, Nausea,and Disrupt are all pretty good crust bands.
by chthonik May 13, 2004
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Something weird, disgusting, or unappealing. Anything can be crusty. Someone's face, a dirt spot, or even your behavior.
"ya i totally just cut my leg open"

"thats crusty"
by bekkah.kate August 26, 2008
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used to desrcibe an object or person with either indescribably dirty, sketchy, horrid, pputrid, unfathombale, flaky, or fugly characteristics.
Yo that guy is so crust, he smells like shit and its all oily
by lizzybmomofenz December 13, 2010
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This is Cockney rhyming slang for head (shortened from crust of bread = head).
Listen to Lazy Sunday Afternoon by The Small Faces and you'll hear the lyrics 'they're doing me crust in' - In other words the neighbours are doing his head in
by notquitepatrick March 9, 2017
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