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According to the Gman Squad episode 5:
"A crundle is a flap of skin between your ballsack and the butthole. Much like a taint."

If you get shot by a Gman wearing glasses, your must promptly shout, "Ah! My crundle!"
"Ah, my crundle! Ah, my tits..."
by Crackbone'sLover June 23, 2009
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The area between the ass and the penis/vagina, also known as a taint. Usually the breeding ground for dingleberries.
Baby, you got a bundle in your crundle...
by Jimmy Knuckles March 10, 2004
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Appearing at the lower section of a very large womens ass, the crundle appears as two protruding folds of lumpy butt fat on either side of the crack. This area has a never-ending wedgie and will atract your gaze no matter how hard you attempt to look away. The crundle becomes particularly defined when the women bends over. WARNING: watch out for the crundle monster
Gross! That womens crundle is all sweaty.
by A.J.-Eggy February 06, 2007
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An expression used in distress. It can take the place of "oh god" "oy vey" "shit" "fuck" "goddammit" "motherfucker", "damn", etc. It is the new slang for cursing.
"Crundle!" Sari shouted when she burnt her finger making tea.
by Adam McG. May 18, 2006
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