3 definitions by Jimmy Knuckles

It is used as an insult because it was made common from the Jerky Boys phonecalls and movies, but its more of a condition. Sizzlechest is light curly chest hair that appears almost like smoke puffs rising off the chest, little spirily colums of hair. Usually found on assclowns.
Shut yer hole, sizzlechest!
by Jimmy Knuckles March 14, 2004
The area between the ass and the penis/vagina, also known as a taint. Usually the breeding ground for dingleberries.
Baby, you got a bundle in your crundle...
by Jimmy Knuckles March 11, 2004
Kick ass John Carpenter movie starring ROWDY Roddy Piper!!!!

Snatchfaced aliens are tricking humans by using a machine to make them look like us. But Piper (who is never given a name in the movie) is the only one who can see them with his sunglasses. No, really.

Supposed to be, according to Carpenter, an example of blind consumerism and republican economics
They Live is a great fucking movie.
by Jimmy Knuckles March 14, 2004