The most unique and incredible name can only describe an exotic, beautiful woman who is not only beautiful but intelligent, funny and has a perfect body. A girl named Sari would be incredibly sexy, an INCREDIBLE kisser, yet a total tease. A girl named Sari is too special and unique to be easy, she is very hard to get, but when you do get her you should treat her like the goddess she looks like. Basically, the hottest woman alive.
Greg: That woman is so beautiful she looks like a goddess
Erica: That's Sari. Isn't it an awesome name?
by yankees100892 January 23, 2011
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A girl who is very sarcastic, asks a lot of questions, and also ditches school a lot but is also a mad phat chiller and likes to have fun with friends. Sari is the type of person who you know you can trust and will always be there fore you. She is also very fun to joke around with
Guy A: Yo have you seen Sari today

Guy B: Nah, she's prob ditching again

Guy A: She's prob chilling mad phat with her friends

Guy B: Yeah she's mad cool!!!!!!
by Itsabouttogodown@1 December 1, 2019
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Another word for Shorty .

Created by greek rapper Sin boy on his single "Sari sari sari" on 2019.
by dictionmaniac1 January 30, 2019
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Another word for Shorty.
Created by Greek rapper Sin Boy in his single "Sari sari sari" on 2019.
by dictionmaniac1 January 30, 2019
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1. A really hot girl.
2. Pleasing or attractive in a graceful or delicate way. See Synonyms at beautiful.
Damn! Sari looked smokin today!
by Faye April 7, 2005
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Noun. An Indian dress. A long piece of cloth that a woman wraps around her body in mysterious ways. This involves complex knots that plunge into the most abstract depths of Knot Theory. When worn right, looks extremely alluring to males.

The cloth is wrapped around the body and finally the loose end (pallu) is thrown across the body and over the shoulder.

There are different styles of wearing a sari. The pallu can be worn on either shoulder. The way a woman wears a sari usually says which part of India she comes from.
Girl #1: Ohhhmagod! Check this Sari out! I like got this from India and it was like Ohmagod SOOOO CHEAP!!
Girl #2: Ohhhmagod! That is like SOOO AWESOME!

This Kanchipuram silk sari sports exquisite work and gold trimmings and other such things which make it look really cool.
by Superxam August 11, 2003
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The Best Name EVer...It means i'm awesome and u suck. Chuck is kewl 2...lolol
SARI IS THE BEST peron in the whole world
by Sari December 14, 2004
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