Sexual encounters between two or more people who do not know each other, who have not been introduced, and often, who never learn each other's real names. Among gay men, practiced at sex clubs, parties, and bars, or arranged by placing or responding to online casual encounter ads or in online chat rooms.
Carol only sleeps with guys she's met socially, but Alice prefers the thrill of anonymous sex.

At the bath house, I had to explain to my buddy Ted that anonymous sex is the norm; most guys get freaked out if you walk up to them and ask for their name.
by r2lee July 24, 2009
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Gays have been having anonymous sex for as long as there have been big cities with known cruising grounds. In places such as bathroom stalls or city parks, a male can engage another male in a sex act. We call it anonymous sex because the two people do not know each other, and will probably never see each other again. With the internet, gay anonymous sex can also happen in people's home, as well as sex clubs and gyms. The CDC ranks peoples' risk for sexually transmitted using a variety of factors and trends; if someone participates in anonymous sex, their risk is higher.
"I downloaded grindr yesterday and had gay anonymous sex with a guy in central park"
by loose_bottoms_ftl April 20, 2016
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