Quebecois swear word, derived from Christ. See also criss.

Noun: T'es un p'tit crisse.
Verb: Crisse-moi patience!
by Jerryfie January 12, 2006
1.a jamaican term which means
everything is all right or irie look nice
etc. long as you dont
tell her about the deal we
2.That girl look criss
in her skirt and jordans
by :..[Cr1sz]..: February 6, 2006
A "sacre" (swear) from Quebec. It comes from the word "Christ". It can be used in various ways.

1. Noun
2. Verb
3. Adverb
1. Toi mon criss!
2. M'a t'en crisser une!
3. T'es crissement cave!
by adjudant117 November 11, 2006
Yet another religious kebecker swear word... which is slang for christ. Used to as both noun and adjective.
Toé mon criss, m'a te petté é dents!
Criss de tabarnak que t laid!!!
Je m'en criss!
by elvis wong September 23, 2003
It refers to Darren Criss, who plays a gay man on television and when interviewing in real life he ALWAYS makes a point to say that he is straight and point out his heterosexuality. therefore Crissing is an insistent declaration of one's heterosexuality
Interviewer: Are you ok?
Darren Criss: Yes, I'm straight and I have a girlfriend.

That's is Crissing
by indigoGirl81 May 18, 2011
Describes anything cool or new. Chill. It can also describe an attractive female. Not to be confused with the slang term for a popular alcoholic beverage. The term originated as Jamaican slang.
Yo man, the party was criss.
These Jordans be criss.
by nickozx22 April 13, 2007
I saw her coming out of the hairdressers and she was looking criss.”
by bystander12 April 25, 2019