- A French-Canadian
- A native of Quebec
- A dialect of French language spoken in Quebec
Jean Chretien is Quebecois
by Tom September 20, 2004
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Although technically the people from the Canadian province of Quebec, they are mostly known for turning their noses up at you if you speak to them in English. But as soon as they hear your shitty French accent, you end up talking in English anyways.

There really is no point in any of this, especially when the Quebecois are treated the same way by the actual French people.
A conversation between you and a quebecois:
You: Um, where is the bus stop?
Thèm: Pardon? Parlez-vous français?
You: Uh, je chercher le bus arrêt?
Thèm: (in perfect English) Around the corner
by coleel May 22, 2020
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A little bitch who behaves like a sheep and does what they are told by their government regardless of common sense, constitutional law or scientific proof.
A quebecois put a butt plug in their ass because Legault mandated it.
by Roberto Carlos January 11, 2022
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French spoken by the Quebecois. Regular French by all means except the pronunciation and some jargons, which makes the "regular" Frenchman feel lost in translation, Bill Murray style.

In fact so lost that movies starring Quebecois French speakers have subtitles for other French speakers in case they don't understand.
Quebecois French: Bonjour monsieur, comment allez-vous?

Other French speaker: Excusez-moi, je n'ai pas compris. Pouvez-vous repetez s'il vous plaît?

Quebcois French: *grumble*

Other French Speaker: *strokes beard while looking confused*
by I don't speak German January 20, 2009
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canadian third world political party based in quebec that thinks that anything english threatens the very existence of the quebec french population. so they came up with the bright idea of trying to seperate the province of quebec from the rest of canada.
the parti-quebecois next move:colonize the moon and make it a french utopia...lets hope they forget to bring the oxygen!!
by RICOG$ November 3, 2005
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An alcoholic beverage produced by dropping a shot of maple syrup into a pint of Labatt Blue.
"It only took two Quebecois Slammers for Sarah to make out with the entire hockey team! SACRE BLEU!"
by harm_redux_fuxtress November 21, 2010
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Just another pathetic attempt by Quebecois to make Quebec different from the rest of the French speaking world. Quebec also likes to change spelling to suit them too. Martinique and Ivory Coast speak proper official French contrary to what Quebecoiss may think. It is Quebec that likes to change their vocab to suit them and seperate themselves further from French culture.
Quebecois need to read the French dictionary and learn to spell!
by loops January 13, 2005
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