3 definitions by PerfectVolt

Floor 6 boss in hypixel skyblock. Keeps dropping his fucking necromancer sword instead of the giants sword
-Bro Sadan hates me so much he has never given me a giant sword and i have 400 floor 6 completions

-Dang man he baited me with a necromancer sword i almost fell of my chair thinking its a giants sword
by PerfectVolt November 21, 2021
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something that kids stay late up for. Its just canava of kids. Fortnite
"Why didnt you sleep yesterday?"
"I was waiting for the item shop in fortnite"
by PerfectVolt November 30, 2019
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Shaving someones hair and framing it in a wall
Skeppy: Is that creepy?

BadBoyHalo: OFCOURSE IT IS! IS LIKE shaving someeones hair and framing it in a wall!!!
by PerfectVolt August 1, 2020
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