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a Minecraft YouTuber with over 175,000 subscribers. Know for his hate towards the peanut butter company, known as Jif. Skeppy is very funny, talented, and fun to watch.
You: Hey did you see Skeppy's new video
Friend: Yeah it's great!
by NoHacksJustTimmo September 21, 2017
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Skeppy is a youtuber with over 200,000 subscribers, he makes pvp montages, server trolling videos, and sometimes messes with little kids (eggshells)
Guy: Skeppy is really funny!
Guy 2: I know right!?
by Gazingle November 27, 2017
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(noun) A tantrum; a sudden negative and irrational change of mood following an insignificant event
"Yeah, she took a total skeppy at me for not peeling the garlic the 'right' way! I was like wtf?"
by abused boyfriend January 17, 2009
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