1. anything associated with, emanating from, or caused by Ann E. O'Connell. 2. Replenishing a depleted honor bar with Walgreen's goods. 3. Hot-tubbing with your co-clerk. 4. Imagining what you could else could happen while hot-tubbing with your co-clerk.
Ann was dishonorable when she used the magnum condoms out of the Ritz honor bar and replaced them with a lambskin glow-in-the-dark bulk pack.
by Ritz Carlton January 3, 2005
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the word i always imagine said by a male with a heavy Japanese accent
" you bring dishonor to your family"
" somebody is on dis honor roll"
"somebody dis hona roll" badum-ch
by boop da snoot November 11, 2018
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a pretty fun game released in 2012. Kinda steampunk but instead of steam everything's powered by whale oil. Magic and a low/high chaos system to get a good or bad ending. You assume the role of royal protector Corvo Attano of the Empress of the Isles Jessamine Kaldwin, who is secretly your lover. Jessamine is killed by the assassin Daud and his men, and they kidnap your daughter Emily. You're framed for Jessamine's murder by the Royal Spymaster and sent to prison and tortured for 6 months, after which you start the game.
Person 1: hey dude have you played Dishonored?

Person 2: nah man never heard of it.

Person 1: aw man you should've seen me dismembering corrupt city watch guards!

Person 2: sounds fun
by I_want_die July 19, 2019
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To dishonor your loved ones or to dishonor anyone.
by PupTartt September 29, 2020
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(n) The dishonorable discharge came into popularity during the Vietnam War when sailors found that the local prostitutes loved having men fart into their mouths. They combined this sex act with the embarrassment of being kicked out of the Navy to coin the term.
Dude, that bitch was so freaky, she let me give her a dishonorable discharge!
by The Sandwich Maker April 6, 2010
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"He perished after he brought dishonor to the family, Grandfather also committed suicide afterwards, he could not take the dishonor."
by Yan February 28, 2005
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