A group of extrordinary men who live in Kings county, N.S. They are all involved in producing the coolest movies ever, having CrAzY eIgHtS confrences/LAN parties and conquering the evil of the world.
They are known as the Crazy Eights because they salute each other with a sign made by the hands that resembles an 8.
"There go the Crazy Eights! I wish I was one of them!" says boy.
by Bent Himself June 15, 2003
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Crazy Eights is a shedding-type card game for the eight leaders of the countries considered to be the top eight economic powerhouses on earth. Each leader is dealt a set of eight distinct cards with each bearing the likeness of one of the eight leaders. The object of the game is to be the first leader to get rid of all of his or her cards on the discard pile. Rules vary from year to year and are routinely ignored resulting in high-jinks, hurt feelings, and enough 'Breaking News!' to totally satisfy the editors of each cable news network.

In the most recent game (2014) seven cards bearing the likeness of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin were placed on the discard pile and he was then eliminated from the game. Fearing no retribution, many thought Putin's taking of Ukraine's Crimea may have contributed to his early exit from the game. Others speculate that the seven other leaders were uncomfortable with Putin constantly flexing his pectoralis major muscles on his shirtless chest.
Could this Crazy Eights game get any crazier? Doesn't Putin know the object of the game is to shed cards and not shirts?
by gotwood4sale April 01, 2014
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When a chick lies on a bed spread-eagled and runs her finger in a figure-eight motion around and between her cunt and arse holes.
"She's doing the crazy-8's, looks like someone's getting lucky"
by drew christx May 04, 2005
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the lying eight is the symbol of infinity.

so crazy eight means... for a very long time.

don't let da smurfs catch you... they'll kick ya into prison... and keep you there crazy eight. (for ever)
by Lisa June 16, 2003
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Slang term used in the service industry in North America to describe any large group of Asian tourists.
That group of Crazy Eighty Eights just sat themselves in the Houston Room and need a place to put all their cameras.
by AmarilloFlip May 14, 2009
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A really wierd cartoon starring Adam Sandler many watch during Chanuka, simply because it's the only movie out there regarding the topic. You only realize it's inappropriate and super tragic after a certain age.
- Hey, wanna watch Home Alone 28737290923803?
- Nah, i'll watch Eight Crazy Nights with my mishpuche.
by kangaroo4life December 15, 2019
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