The greatest continent on the plant.

There is Canada with worlds greatest weed and some of the most laid back care free people in the world. The winters are cold, the summers are warm, and you dont have to ever worry about owning a gun. With less people than the state of California, this country has it all.

There is the United States the greatest neighbour a country could have. Paranoid and gun toting, these people are willing to put there ass on the line to protect what we all fought for together. Although they have a slight superiority complex, they are willing to ensure their own freedoms and the freedoms of their friends.

Then there is Mexico, where Canadians and Americans go for cheap liquor, loose women and to get the hell away from all this bullshit.

While these families may bicker, they would gladly put their asses on the line time and time again to look out for each others interests. When the world is out of oil, gas and fresh water, these countries will be bailing everyones asses out with their technologies, and in Mexico's case, their liquor incase nothing works.
I am from North America, I can take one pound of BC bud walk across the boarder and get one pound of coke.

I am from North America, although i may not always agree with what my neighbours say, i will defend to the death their right to say it.
by bcbudman December 10, 2004
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The northern continent of the Western Hemisphere, extending northward from the Colombia-Panama border and including Central America, Mexico, the islands of the Caribbean Sea, the United States, Canada, the Arctic Archipelago, and Greenland.
North America is one of two continents in the Western Hemisphere.
by Gfunk January 18, 2006
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A continent that includes Canada, USA, and Mexico. It's probably the most powerful continent on the face of the planet.
North America pwns every other continent.
by Justin H. April 30, 2005
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What Canadians say when they mean both the United States and Canada together, usually not including Mexico. Americans typically use this word to describe all of the US, Canada, and Mexico together, and usually only when in geography class.
American: Who's that guy?

Canadian: He's one of the best lumberjacks in all of North America.

American: Really? The whole continent? I didn't think that there were any lumberjacks in Mexico.

Canadian: Oh, I just mean in Canada and the US.
by discontinuuity June 15, 2008
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Clearly the most impressive continent on earth and clearly the most powerful. The U.S has the power, Canada has the natural resources, and Mexico has the sweat shop labour all readily available
by Jordan August 19, 2004
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Bill: She's from North America.
Carl: Oh she's from the US.
Bill: No she's from north North America.
Carl: Oh she's Canadian.
Bill: Yeah.
by AnonDoxy August 1, 2019
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The idiot component of north america (de-capped) — always been there. The people of the type to think they should rule & are above you, in their compulsion to shame & denigrate you, to the last of your self-respect. The quickest way achieving that feeling? The primal instinct of humans to think, "I'm smarter. I'm better. Follow me! Yeaahhh!!!".

Hence, the types to respond, "you're stupid!" to the suggestion something is stupid, in their weird mental gymnastics (look it up) to NEVER PROCESS ANY argument & go over & around it (I suppose we all do it) IN THE MOST ABSURD MANUEVERS. You see them playing the back & forth "you're stupid!" ping-pong in protests.

Only in their WEIRDER compulsion of saying over (like denisovan-types), by saying over things, you EVENTUALLY make it true. They say history is written by the winners? It works the opposite with them. By saying over history, you EVENTUALLY win. Before, it's only worked in their gullible population, in situ.

Everything in their heads is SO polarized. The types too wide-eyed look at you, lost in YOUR COLOR & have already stopped comprehending the human words you are uttering. Time to recognize them as british-types.

So weird.

Now they've pulled north america (actually, forget cana-duh, it'll always be like that, despite what it keeps telling itself) further in into their thinking with incessant messaging, propaganda & b.s. content.

north americans are gullible now.
Guy 1: You still want to immigrate to the US?
Guy 2: I have SERIOUS doubts, mate. It's briteeeeeeesh north america now. Actually forget cana-duh. These british-types, they ARE NOT AT ALL SMART OR INTELLIGENT. Not that that's the issue... Hard to say really, if they do it for global American backing or, knowing them, again, to feed their instant gratification ego. They are so odd, mate... At best, they have ways to fool themselves of the APPEARANCE & perception of being other than their dumb selves. Now, the new generation of north americans are just like them.

Another example:

Dude 1: You gonna screw that Melissa tonight?
Dude 2: She's dirty now, man, but you know she's always up for it!!!...
by mrdabbleswithpotion January 22, 2022
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