When a girl is on her back and has her legs opened very wide
After ripping off her negligee, the intruder tied Christina to the bed spread-eagled and began combing his fingers through her generous love nest, ignoring the girl's protests.
by Barefeet January 18, 2008
When a girl opens her legs so far that her pussy actually splits in half.
When I walked in the room the girl was spread eagle on the bed.
by steve May 9, 2003
A particular dance move in which one lays on their back and opens their legs in a split position to the sky.
Mo dropped into the spread eagle in the middle of his dance performance .
by MightyExtra May 21, 2017
when a girl is waiting for penetration, she is laying there spread eagle aka - legs spread apart. imagine a eagles wingspan while it is flying, then think of how her legs would be.
monke was waiting spread eagle on the bed for neRd's massive member
by hkpolice September 12, 2005
(Mostly used in a sexual context) When a girl spreads her legs apart; practically doing the splits; super sexy; even splitting the legs at a 180-degree angle makes her vag split its wet self in half
Uhn, your legs spread eagle. Let's get it on, girl.
by whats_yo_name_pussycat April 4, 2018
a pussie stretched to the limits of its wet skin
I was ready to fly when she was spread eagle
by Greg Satin January 17, 2003
When one makes Eagle noises while spreading legs and flapping arms during sexual intercourse.
Hey, do you wanna try the spreading eagle tonight?
oooh, kinky
by Briget Smiles December 3, 2010