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Water that originates in the upper region of a pair of slacks and which then flows down to the cuffs, the socks, the shoes, and eventually pooling on the floor or patio. Although it is not well understood what triggers this flow it is widely surmised that anxiety, too much liquid intake, too small of bladder capacity, or lack of accessible toilet facilities may contribute to this startling 'wonder of nature'.

The makers of the personal hygiene product DependĀ® Fitted Maximum Protection Briefs for Men approve of this definition.
I've heard that it was slack water on her uncle's veranda in Venezuela along the Orinoco that inspired Enya.
by gotwood4sale April 01, 2014

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Crazy Eights is a shedding-type card game for the eight leaders of the countries considered to be the top eight economic powerhouses on earth. Each leader is dealt a set of eight distinct cards with each bearing the likeness of one of the eight leaders. The object of the game is to be the first leader to get rid of all of his or her cards on the discard pile. Rules vary from year to year and are routinely ignored resulting in high-jinks, hurt feelings, and enough 'Breaking News!' to totally satisfy the editors of each cable news network.

In the most recent game (2014) seven cards bearing the likeness of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin were placed on the discard pile and he was then eliminated from the game. Fearing no retribution, many thought Putin's taking of Ukraine's Crimea may have contributed to his early exit from the game. Others speculate that the seven other leaders were uncomfortable with Putin constantly flexing his pectoralis major muscles on his shirtless chest.
Could this Crazy Eights game get any crazier? Doesn't Putin know the object of the game is to shed cards and not shirts?
by gotwood4sale April 01, 2014

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A sturdy case designed and constructed to hold one or more cranks or similarly dissatisfied and annoying individuals.
I tell you what Jerome. I sure wish we had put wheels on this particular crankcase 'cuz if we had it sure would be a helluva lot easier to tote Rich, Mitch, and the bitch around.
by gotwood4sale March 31, 2014

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A white person moving about, usually in a vehicle, through the 'hood.
Mr. Winter was crackerin' with ease down MLK Blvd last Saturday night. I think I'll ride along with him next time he gets the urge to do some crackerin'.
by gotwood4sale September 22, 2016

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To be deceived or snookered in an imaginative, creative, clever, and often humorous manner.
I went to JungleJim's for the first time last weekend and I really had to use the john. I nearly peed my pants before realizing I had been Rumpke'd. A tug on my fly to Jungle Jim for a open & shut snooker well done.
by gotwood4sale August 23, 2016

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