If you haven't laughed at a single joke in a movie starring Adam Sandler, then you don't know anything about comedy. My man Adam makes me laugh every time I watch his movies after I come back from kindergarten . There's a scene in one of his movies ( I forgot the name because I'm like 4, but thats not the point) where he FARTED IN SOME ONES FACE LOL XD XD XD. My parents didn't get the joke (duh) and they SENT ME TO BED EARLY : ( !!!!. SO ANNOYING >:( . So yeah, Adam Sandler is cool. He even won a Golden Raspberry award!!! So happy for him : D!!!
guy 1:Adam Sandler is a comedic genius
guy 2:True
guy 1: Ight i gotta go to nursery
-guy 2: Ye me too
guy 1:Cya
by RussianPig September 16, 2020
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A man who was proclaimed the jiggliest man when seen smackin his titty in the movie “click”.
Guy 1- yoooooo you be lookin like adam sandler!
by Penispickle69420 January 9, 2020
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A great actor. Although it seems like he has spent his entire career bring people laughter and joy, it seems as if some pricks on this website would rather just critisize him because they have nothing better to do other than take out there frustrations on Hollywood.

The bottom line is Adam Sandler has redefined comedy for us all, and I have never disliked a single one of his movies.
"Shampoo is betta. I go on first and CLEAN the hair."

"Conditioner is betta! I leave the hair silky AND smooth."

"Oh really, fool?!"


- Billy Madison/An Adam Sandler classic
by captain luge July 9, 2006
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The funniest man alive. Movies include Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Click, Big Daddy, The Wedding Singer, etc.
Guy: Dude, did you see Big Daddy yesterday?

Other guy: Yeah! It's funny when Adam Sandler teaches the kid to piss and buildings and wipe his own ass!
by DarkNite1111 June 30, 2010
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