Courageous, handsome, charming, an all-rounder. Play it right ladies and you could get the ride of your life.
Ooooohhhh Hamish
by Bad Boy Barry October 25, 2011
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Hamish Meaning Sexy Cunt-
used when calling someone good looking
Used in most sentences in Australia.
Wow mate you're Hamish
by TheSexyCunt August 14, 2018
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A name, Scottish in origin, derived from "Seumas," a Scottish form of "James." It's also the middle name of John Watson and a potential name if Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler were to get together.
Hamish. John Hamish Watson, If you were looking for baby names.
by IreneAdlerandSherlock January 26, 2012
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An amazingly attractive guy. He's got dusty blonde hair, a little curly and sticks up off his head. He's got incredibly soft skin and beautiful green eyes that u get lost in. His smile lights up the whole world. His laugh is everything & u do everything u can just to hear it. His body..fuck. His lips are so soft & he's best kisser. He's passionate, sweet, kind, caring, funny, lovable, selfless, flawless, handsome and adorable. He gives the best hugs on the planet. Super easy to fall for. U'll want to be with him 24/7, even just to hang out or talk or cuddle. U'll start to fall in love with the little things. Like the way he'll look around to find you so he can wave goodbye. U'll live for the moment when he catches you staring and gives you a cheeky smile. The best feeling in the world - when u catch him staring at you. U'll smile so big that ur cheeks hurt, ur face will go red and ur stomach will feel like there's a million little butterflies in it all. Has the best manners and is so sweet. Just one look, smile or conversation will turn ur day from crap to amazing. The kind of guy that u imagine a future with. He'll make u smile and laugh 24/7. If ur lucky enough to date a Hamish and call him urs, keep him forever because u'll never find another like him. U'll want to spend every moment u can with him and he's super easy to fall for because he is literally perfect. Hamish is a living god.
Girl 1: hey do u know Hamish
Girl 2: yeah, he's a literal god
Girl 3: tell me about it
by UnREAL16 May 21, 2019
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Hamish , Used To Describe Someone Whose Loyalty Never Falters. The Most TrustWorthy And Secretive Of His Group.
Large Group Of Friends and Has a Very Productive social life , enjoys time with people he Trusts . Likes to crack jokes with others however when it's comes to serious matters he is a man you would want in your corner . Will fight for the people he loves and will never betray them.

Has Strength That He Rarely Shows In Fear Of Showing Off However When Loved Ones Are In Need there is rarely a person that can subdue him. Normally very mindful of people wishes , thoughts , feelings . Ladies if you even think about going for one of these , you would be making a decision that you will love so don't lose out on him.
Do You Know Hamish ?
Hamish always has my back
by Emma.B4Life July 18, 2018
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To be radically cool,
often uses words such as epic, uber, rofl, and lol.
but not on msn.
he finds people who use abbreviations and stuff to be gayy =)

he is also gangstarr.
no one disses his grills, yo ;)
wow, look at Hamish. he's uber cool
by Hamcats January 04, 2009
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A word which represents the actions of an arrogant yet talented aggressive inline rollerblader who took pride in outdoing the abilities of much lesser skilled individuals. This occurred at skate parks around New Zealand, in particular Jelly Park, Christchurch, New Zealand.
haha.. you got hamished by that fella!
i'm gonna hamish that shit!
haha... what a hamish!
by FrootbootaNZ June 05, 2009
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