-many people who are into and live for the music scene.
-mainly seen at shows (or concerts)
-talks strickly about music (when brought up in a convo)
-expresses themself as a scene person.
-wears all kinds of band merch
-talks to bands on myspace, or backstage after shows.
"scene kids are mainly SEEN at shows."
"the music scene is STRICKLY for scene kids"

by 4$HL3Y. February 6, 2008
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Also know as, Local Music or The Local Music Scene, the music scene is created by underground bands in a certain area or state. The music scene isn't defined by genre but by diversity. Any band who isn't on a record label is part of the music scene.

Although there are millions of bands in the music scene, not all of them last.
The music scene is supported by kids who go to local music shows and support the local bands. Without the kids, and sometimes adults, who support local music, the music scene will go to the dust.

The local music scene is like a local buisness, all local bands needs money to survive and they need kids to listen to them.

Every band in the music scene has talent, some more than others of course, but many local bands have the potential to get big, no matter what genre.

Music scenes involve having shows where you go out and support loca music by buying merch and having fun while listening to music that you like. you can get personal and meet the bands personally, and most of everyone is friendly at shows. you can meet other great people and spread the word about bands.

All in all, local music is under rated and really needs to be listened too, you'll never know what you'll find.
The music scene can either be crap or not, it matters what you like. Every state has a scene, sometimes you got to dig to find it.
by ActionWaters April 3, 2010
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the music area or local bands in your area.mistaken for a type of person or style.it is infact not a style dumbasses it's the scene of music, the music culture
flordia's music scene is off the chain
by musicxme September 5, 2007
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Any localized music-oriented community of bands and their fans. Local music scenes become a key role in incidents of disharmony (“drama”) for individuals between the age 18 and 37 years-old. While many local music scenes purport to extol “unity” and “cooperation” and similar such ideals, at the end of the day, all scenesters know that their participation in the scene is ultimately reducible to the fact that they enjoy groupthink, self-censorship, and pretending to have a legitimate excuse for not completing their undergraduate education.
Person 1: Whatever happened to that guy? As I recall he was pretty smart, not to mention cool. What is he up to these days?

Person 2: Not much. He was involved in the local music scene for the past twenty years, and now he is living with his parents and "attending" the University of Phoenix.

Person 1: Oh.
by GibsonMesaBoogie May 19, 2010
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Music associated with "scene" people. It can either be a hardcore following to a certain type of music (Punk, Alternative, Screamo, or even Techno) or as a separate genre it is a combination of Alternative, Punk, and Techno (plus just about any other kind music that would fit the theme).
-"Did you hear about Jessie's new band?"
-"Yeah, I heard they play Scene music"
by Ubersquirl December 15, 2009
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