Someone who is being 'cranky', moody, irritable or misererable!
person 1 - what is up with him today, the crank!!
person 2 - he has been a crank all day, ignore him!!
by lauren149 July 14, 2009
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To masturbate simultaneously with the act of weeping.

Cry + Wank = Crank.

In addition it is normal to include ones own tears as lubricant.
Example 1:
‘Toni: Hey Jays been in the bathroom for a while now…’

‘Rob: Yeah he’s probably having a crank over that really hot waitress that was being a bitch to him before.’

‘Toni: Yea, fo’shaw’

Example 2:
‘After Rachel rejected Tom at the funeral on Friday I think he went off for a pot noodle...and a crank back at his sister’s place where he’s staying at the moment’
by S Noir. May 15, 2009
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Person 1 "oh look there's Dave cranking into a pool of his own tears"
Person 2 "Yeah he does that"
by The Gadd August 14, 2015
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Low purity methamphetamine ussually produced in small laboratories in peoples homes or available from mexican cartels. Generally having a powder consistincey and not taking a crystalline form as glass would.
Man I stay away from that crank as long as I can score some glass.
by CD April 08, 2003
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A person who espouses and supports illogical and poorly-reasoned causes and idiologies and who bothers other people with his nonesense.
That Republican on the school board, the one who wants to teach "creation science" is a well-known religious crank.
by Tom LaBelle October 04, 2004
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A crank is someone who is performing two actions at the same time which are juxtaposed. Originally a term created by Russell Brand combining the two words 'cry' and 'wank'.
Man1: "Dude, is that drunk guy throwing up and trying to eat a sandwich?"
Man2: "What an absolute crank!"
by Flossua March 21, 2009
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