A combination of crying and wanking.
A self pitying act where one finds pleasure by wanking.
Person A : Dude you got rejected !
Person B : I'm gonna go home and crank now.
by Beeanie October 25, 2010
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A derogatory and derisive term used to insult and humiliate ones foes.
Ts3 slang used in place of words such as Idiot or Moron
Good for use in the work or school environment as is not a recognised insult and is not common knowledge to teachers, bosses etc.
"Oh shut up you crank!"

"I don't like Nico, he's a crank!"
by Lee Kino January 04, 2008
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To wank while crying. Largely done by emos and Christians.
"I caught him cranking in the vestubule"

by Tom Bentley Hibbins October 03, 2007
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Crystal Methamphetamine made in a shitty little lab, often containing battery acid, bleach, cleanser and many other household chemicals. Yellowish powder in color if it is the worst shit :-)
Do you have any crank to smoke so we can smell stinky shit like burning rubber?
by PumpMasterCunty April 08, 2003
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The combination of crying and wanking to make one ultimate hormone explosion.

When you're upset but mad horny or sad and need a little serotonin boost, ain't nothing better than a good crank to get it ALL out.
Timothy: She fucked another dude boys
The boys: Forget about her bro, she a hoe. Lets get loaded!
Timothy: nah man, ima go home and crank
The boys: You a bitch Timothy
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by NewDude12 August 27, 2020
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