A very non-intellegent human being that has little to no life. The "Crabbe" Is a person that loves video games but is a major n00b online. He/She has very little social skills and hangs around more popular people to cut down on being picked on.
Wow, dude you are being a complete "Crabbe" right now.....
by THC_Caravan November 22, 2009
another word for someone who is actin like i gaint bitch
boy 1: hey i heard franklin was crying when hes dumb dog Mary died
boy 2 : man i hate that guy

boy 1: ya he acts like such a Crabbe

boy 2: ya man i fucking hate Crabbe's
by jordan longmire November 7, 2013
Lazy biatch who loves his couch more then life itself.
P1: You still coming out tonight?
P2: Nahh, think i'll have a night in.
P1: You fag ... don't pull a Crabb!!
by mmmhmmm March 4, 2005
She is the best person in the world, so kind, and thoughtful, she's not a slag, she's gorgeous and beautiful.
hotcharlotte crabbe
by yamanbob July 24, 2011
The craziest red head fuck ever. Has a 18 incher soft (think about it) Charles Crabb is a man in the eyes of the Aztec Gods
"Did you just see Chuck Crabb coming out of Casey's. What a Crabb ha"
by BOOBSBOOBS December 8, 2009
Well known local singer/songwriter. Known for such hit singles as 'Woodbound' and ''Red Haired Girl' with the Johnathan Crabb Project. Known for such hit phrases 'I'll light your fire, honey!!' and 'What's a CRABB-A-LACKIN!!'.
1.Guy1 'You getting down with Crabbs tonight?'

Guy2 'I'm totally Woodbound!!!'

2.Guy 'I'm spreading the Crabbs tonight!'

3.Guy1 'You heard, Jonny Crabbs is on tonight!!'

Guy2 'Ooh, I'm totally woodbound for him!'
by ChAOS83 January 22, 2013
A unique individual who is highly skilled in first person shooters, pokemon games, making people laugh, being inappropriate and just being a FUCKING WIZARD!!!
Boy 1: Dude, that guy wrecked us.
Boy 2: I know, right. 48-1!
Boy 2: He must be Harri Crabb


Harry Potter: But I'm just Harry
Hagrid: Oh shit. Sorry, I was looking for Harri Crabb, not Harry Potter
by Haydum December 1, 2011