Can't be bothered to get up and move 10 steps. Always asks other to do things for him.
Aidan is too lazy to do anything himself.
by Lazy... August 6, 2018
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Highly motivated to do nothing but eat, and sleep.
Man i want to go to the gym today, but I'm so lazy! I think i'll take a nap instead.
by ThatOneGuyOverYonder March 31, 2014
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Why look up the definition of lazy. Just look in the mirror.
by ChildHandler October 9, 2016
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The word when you literally can't do shit
Bro, your the most lazy person. You're bones are working.
by Crusty_2 December 10, 2020
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lazy when you can’t be bothered to press the lock button on car keys, even though you unlocked it
I’m so lazy that I can’t even get coffee, oh by the way could you get me some coffee?
by Matthew the lazy April 14, 2019
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American Laziness
-Doing more than whats necessary for something simple.

Other Forms
-Refusing to move for even the simplest of tasks.
1) I am so lazy I trained a parrot to change the channel instead of getting new batteries for a remote; Instead of pulling my periodic table out of my backpack, I installed the periodic table app onto my iPod

2) I refuse to move to change the channel; HONEY, can you change the channel; Honey, can you get me some batteries
by Feildmaster November 21, 2009
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