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To perform an act or express preference towards something consistent with the preferences of Couch.
Me: "Look he's wearing flannel"
You: "That is so Couchy!"

Straight-edge razors
Using military time
Having "business to attend to "
Manual Transmission
Buggy transportation
"Stop the bleed"
Fake glasses
Beer connoisseur
Metric System
Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes
Single Ladies
Sobelmann's Busgirls
Lame jokes
Advising people to not suck
These are Couchy
by Not Nate and Chen…but Lily! January 12, 2009
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To stay and live on your couch instead of going out with your friends. Usually involves pot smoking.
Person 1: Did you call Angela?
Person 2: Yeah, but she didn't answer.
Person 1: Damn it, she must be at home being couchy.
by brezeeus March 02, 2011
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A group of rather unhygenic and unattractive students at the Illinios Mathematics and Science Academy who spend a majority (if not all) of their free time sitting, standing, laying, or sleeping on or in the vicinity of the area near the History Office containing the "Couches". Couchies tend to be loud and annoying and very opinionated. And hairy. Especially the girls. Couchies cannot be considered people.
Today I walked past what I thought was a dumpster but it turned out to be a large group of couchies.
by Amazingmanmanman February 20, 2007
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A group of rather friendly and outgoing students at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy who spend some (if not a majority) of their time sitting, laying, sleeping, or even standing on or in the vicinity of the area near the History Office containing a group of blue couches (dubbed the "Couches"). Couchies tend to be friendly, open-minded, humorous, knowledgeable, outgoing, and sometimes even opinionated. "Couchies" is sometimes used as a degrading term for this group of people (however, not as much in recent years), and the name stuck.
Those couchies are fun to be around!

Are you a couchie? Yes, I am.
by Iris Rivers January 08, 2010
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A college roommate who always spends the night on the common room couch, and never seems to set foot in his bedroom. Covers the couch in dandruff and leaves a lingering odor of nut funk. Important: this roommate does not pass out on the couch. He intentionally sleeps there; pillows, blankets and all. He may fall asleep while watching one of your DVDs. When you wake up and stumble out of your bedroom at 8 AM, he will be snoring away and the TV will be on. If you turn the TV off, he will wake up and mumble something about how he wasn't sleeping and that he was watching whatever show you turned off. If this roommate's condition is not taken care of early enough, he will move his computer and all his stuff out of his room and into the common area.
"Yo, did see you couchy out there again this morning? I know he said he wasn't sleepin', but I turned the TV off anyways."
by Sabor Sab April 23, 2006
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A word used to describe something or someone completely dank and/or hot/stoney.
That dude is sooooo f*ckin couchy!
I like your hat, it's super couchy.
by Mama Saraswati March 08, 2012
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Sland for being lazy
Damn I'm not goin tonight, I'm feelin' a little couchy
by B.O.G. October 23, 2003
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