Action or other behaviour, usually on the part of African Americans, used to reinforce and perpetuate commonly held racial stereotypes about their own community. Could be related to internalised racism and self-hatred. An example would be the stereotype of Unlce Tom or Sambo. Often seen in the Blacksploitation film genre, some rap music, and broadcast TV.
Black supporters of Donald Trump have been accused of coonery by Black commentators on recent cable TV programmes.
by Cesariot1 November 19, 2018
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A word that niggas from Maryland use to describe dumb shit/ dumb niggas
Kenny:”Look at this nigga tryna flex his fake ass Jordan’s

Jairo: “Such coonery
by YourGirlGaveMeTop December 14, 2019
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When a African American individual acts in a foolish way
"Man my mom beat me for smoking weed" This is coonery.

We know Jamal
by OldMetro December 27, 2016
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The Act Of Being A Coon (Nigger)
That's a whole lot of coonery taking place in that KFC.
by Coonkiller69 July 7, 2017
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Acting in such a manner as to perpetuate black stereotypes in society such as music videos solely about cars, money and women.
P Diddy, Soulja Boy, Most of hip-hop in general, Flava Flav...all examples of coonery
by *D88* March 5, 2008
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Pejorative term to describe behavior that is seen as unbecoming of African-Americans.
Examples of people who engage in coonery: T-Pain, Soulja Boy, Crips, Bloods (gangbangers in general),DMX, Hurricane Chris, all the black reality stars on VH-1, etc
by pops87 September 26, 2009
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To act or present yourself in an idiotic manner

A person who consistently takes place in coonery can be considered a “coon
jessica got too drunk at the party and threw up on her date. she is a coon taking place in coonery
by the penis instructor July 12, 2019
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