Someone who can't decide what his name is.
Puff Daddy? Sean "Puffy" Combs? P. Diddy? PICK A NAME
by CV February 27, 2003
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A useless big-lipped tongue rolling bigot that makes a lot of money. Has his own clothing line and likes to wear fur coats.
P.Diddy was admitted to a hospital yesterday after a bee stung his already enormous, ugly, and unsightly lips.
by Viggo November 20, 2004
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A man no better then the group Mini Vanilli that "lives off of" and copies everyone elses music because he cant write his own.
Person 1: Dude you hear P Diddy's new song?

Person 2: Whos song?
by Eric July 6, 2005
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possessor of fishlips and butcherer of good songs
he should have faded into obscurity like the backstreet boys or bubba sparx
by Evil Tim August 16, 2003
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I finally got my P Diddy today.
I was going to have some fun this weekend, but the "Rapper paid a visit."
by danielv April 11, 2006
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Rapper/entrepenuer who encouraged people to vote in the 2004 election between John Kerry and George W. Bush using the slogan 'vote or die.'
Shit, I have to go vote or P Diddy will stab me while I sleep.
by itsahorrorshow November 2, 2004
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"wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy. I got my glasses im out the door, I'm gunna hit this city."
by mehhxspooonx3 December 26, 2009
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