Antics and behavior displayed by certain underclass individuals in the Black culture, the end result being the embarrassment of the rest of the upstanding Black community.

see tnb
Most rap videos show large amounts of Coonery and Buffoonery.
by xzybit September 2, 2004
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Most believe that it comes from the Curse of Ham...Others believe it is the lack of knowledge and education inside the Black Communities...The word is derived from manditory greed and selfishness instead of selflessness..Concentrated areas with African Americans and heavy hopelessness to the point of laziness and irrational thought proccess leading to no greater progress and success....Examples of this would be as follows: Trash everywhere in the set environment including near sewage drains by homes, Having no interest in reading any books besides Sports Illustrated and Ebony,Believing the only way to "Getting Rich" is through activities that dont require much brain power like Music, Sports, and Drugs, Creating fixes for oneself including Drugs, Fancy Cars, and "spotlight" attire before having the proper financials, Always working against ones brother leading to "Crab in a Bucket" Theory, and still blaming the Caucasians for every problem or issue that happens in there lives.
The Boondocks is an awesome example of the Coonery Curse.

Steve-OH: Man my dude there is other ways to use your time rather than watching another nigga floss his money on these music videos

Darren: Yea true but this is all I know and I have the white man to blame for it taking me out the hot jungle for this cold climate...We Some tropical people!

Steve-OH: Don't you want to break this coon curse and make ya family happy while making something of yourself?

Darren: Yea nigga im all about that money my boy...I figure if I rob me a couple of niggas, steal me a fresh Comaro to put rims on, sell crack to the bumbs, pimp a couple of these sistahs out, and stay steady lookin clean in my clothes, I'll be at the top in no time....
by $teve-0H August 14, 2010
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When you try to hide something or something is really out rages
My teacher is giving me way too much homework .This is Coonery
by Big plays December 6, 2019
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Performing the act of being a coon.
Stop partaking in such silly coonery
by TheCoonMeister September 14, 2021
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