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Within a group conversation, the ridiculous act of repeating something that was literally just stated within the last few minutes. The person responsible for the Jairo is immediately scolded by the others by screaming “Jairo”, “Fucking Jairo”, or other variations.
Wads: “Did you guys see that Tribe game last night! Holy shit! That walk off Grand Slam was da bomb. He cold-searched that shit.”
Boner: “Yeah, I was up up til midnight watching that game.”
Pop-Tart: “Does anyone know who won the Tribe game last night?”
Boner: “JAIRO! You fucking moron.”
Pop-Tart: “What?”
by J-Wad13 October 03, 2018
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Someone who laughs a lot, who is a good friend and jokes a lot.
Person 1: "hey you something on your shirt."
Person 2:"huh? What is it Jairo?"
Person 1:"ha, got you!"
by Marisol.R April 09, 2017
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Extreme. That feeling you get when you're playing chicken with a steam locomotive. You stare it down as your heart pumps liquid courage through your veins. You feel weightless yet the ground you stand on sinks beneath your feet from the weight of how awesome you are. The train, a few feet from crashing into you, derails itself like the pussy it is and crashes off the side of a cliff.
I gave it to her Jairo style. She needed a hip replacement.

When I'm about to bang the hell out of a girl Jairo style, I bring crutches, a wheelchair and I set up a health insurance plan in her name. Girls think my Jairo ways are romantic.
by God creator of all you see October 30, 2009
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theme song: so fresh and so clean
looks like a terrorist.
(jairo walks into a silent airport)

Theme song plays

Guard 1: What should we do, he looks threatening...

Guard 2: He's almost to cool to arrest!
by Fear me, i am your Maker. September 25, 2010
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